Privacy Policy

WheeLog, a general incorporated association, will follow the basic policy stated below to protect your personal information with the utmost care.

1. Under the philosophy of respecting the personalities of the individual, WheeLog will fully comply with laws and regulations dealing with great care in handling any personal information carrying on any of our business.

2. WheeLog will collect personal information in a proper and legitimate method.

3. WheeLog will specify the purpose of using personal information as much as possible and use it only to the extent and for the purposes specified except in matters pursuant to the provisions of laws.

4. WheeLog will properly disclose the purpose of use not only on the website but also according to your request. WheeLog will disclose any changes in the purpose of use on the website and notify the individual.

5. WheeLog will not provide personal information to any third party without prior approval from the individual except in matters pursuant to the provisions of laws.

6. WheeLog will take appropriate and necessary measures for keeping personal information in up-to-date and accurate stage and to prevent leaks, loss, destruction and etc.

7. WheeLog will respond immediately if a request to disclose, correct, add, delete, suspend use and to stop providing to a third party of such retained personal information.

8. WheeLog will respond immediately and appropriately if complaints about the handling of personal information is received.

9. WheeLog will maintain an appropriate managing system for the protection of personal information and make an effort to raise awareness of its administrators for the protection of personal information. Furthermore, WheeLog will ensure to appropriately supervise their trustees in case of consigning the service for the protection of personal information.

<Use of Personal Information>

・To announce up-to date information, activity report and various events of WheeLog.

・To request your support/cooperation for activities of WheeLog.

・To send receipts and thank-you letters from WheeLog.

・To make necessary notifications to you from WheeLog.

<The purpose of providing the information to a third party>

・Usage for the business and events related to WheeLog activities(Including commercial use).

・Usage for the examination of measures at administrative agencies in national and local public organizations and for the academic research at research institutes such as in universities.

Last updated: November 26, 2019

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