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Returned from the Zero Project 2018 Awards Ceremony at the United Nations in Vienna!

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I returned from the Zero Project 2018 awards ceremony held at the United Nations in Vienna!

I was scared because I didn’t have an interpreter or a companion at all, but the presentation went well and I was able to answer the questions. I also received a lecture invitation offer from an Israeli organization ♡ It seems that the schedule was tight. 

By the way, this time I left behind a kimono socks. I noticed one hour before the scheduled start time of changing clothes. My socks were only black, so I asked them to buy white socks ☆ I didn’t notice the socks at all because I was overseas, and everyone was just surprised by the kimono. So I just appealed that you should come to Japan because you can use a wheelchair ^^

It was a dizzying stay in Vienna, but it was nice to realize that the hard work has paid off. This is also thanks to everyone’s support.

Award Ceremony Video 


Innovative Practice 2018 on Accessibility

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