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1) WheeLog’s Vision in Our Society

Wheelchair users often give up and limit their possibilities for social participation because of social barriers, saying, “Because I am in a wheelchair…. “However, barrier-free information can greatly open up possibilities for wheelchair users. That is why we developed “WheeLog!”, an application for sharing barrier-free information.

(1) “In a wheelchair, but not giving up!”

(2) Accessible information transforms the wheelchair user’s life!!

(3) WheeLog! Mobile Application Development

Creating a world in which ANYONE can go ANYWHERE

We promote getting rid of barriers in “information,” “mindset,” and “institutional” by utilizing the solutions provided by WheeLog!

Accessible Information

Information can expand our life choices. At times we are helped by someone else’s information, and at other times we can share our information with someone else. We continue our activities so that we can create a “cycle of happiness” in which we help each other in both directions. Your experiences inspire others to get going. We are expanding the world where people help each other with information.

Inclusive Mindset

Through the Wheelchair Field Trip Program, we are expanding our efforts to expand the inclusive Mindset throughout Japan. This program is implemented not only at events for the general public, but also in classes at schools and training programs at companies and organizations, etc.

Accessible Institutions

There are many excellent aspects of Japan’s barrier-free system. As an “advanced barrier-free country,” we will continue to improve the barrier-free system in Japan while working toward a more wheelchair user-friendly society.