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Message from the CEO

Creating a world in which ANYONE can go ANYWHERE

I am very greatful for your ongoing support. I’m Yuriko Oda, the representative of WheeLog, a general incorporated association. In fiscal year 2022, we successfully held our 5th-anniversary event in Roppongi, Tokyo. The event took place at the Hollywood Hall of the May Ushiyama Academy, the same venue as our release commemorative event five years ago, which was graciously attended by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Despite concerns about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were fortunate to have many attendees from all over Japan. We received tremendous support from our organizers and volunteers, and together, we made our 5th-anniversary event a resounding success. The venue was adorned with beautiful flowers, creating an atmosphere that conveyed congratulations, empathy, and future support.

Although the event took place at the same venue, the ambiance this time was entirely different from that of five years ago. Looking back, I realize that I felt much more anxious back then. It was a moment to reflect on my memories and acknowledge that the reason we have come this far is due to the gradual expansion of our circle of supporters. While we experienced difficult and sad moments along the way, I may have forgotten some of the specific details. Our goal has always been to have WheeLog surrounded by users and supporters, and I want to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible support we have received from more amazing individuals than I could have ever hoped for. I think It’s not often in life that we witness the incredible ripple effect of people’s encouragement through our activities.

To pursue our vision of becoming a certified non-profit organization, WheeLog, a general incorporated association, officially established a non-profit organization on March 9, 2023. We are committed to facing the challenges ahead and remaining mindful of the wheelchair users who are yet to be reached, both now and in the future. With the continued support of our remarkable community, there is so much more we can accomplish and so much that we must do. Because we are in a safe zone, we can take on challenges. However, if we stay within the safe zone and do nothing, we will not grow and will only decline.

We are determined to repay society for all the kindness we have received. In fiscal year 2023, we will wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to this mission. We will collaborate with everyone to repay the debt we owe for the WheeLog! application by developing new services. Lastly, I express my heartfelt appreciation for the warm support you have shown our organization. We will continue to strive towards creating a world where individuals in wheelchairs never give up.

Yuriko Oda
Founder and CEO,