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Founder and CEO: Yuriko ODA

Organization Name: General Incorporated Association WheeLog

Incorporation: August, 2018

Board Members:
Daisuke USHIYAMA, CEO, Hollywood Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Masataka SAKURAI, Executive Officer, TEAM Alliance Co., Ltd
Yuki TAKAHASHI, Executive Vice President, Bears Co., Ltd
Yoshimichi NOMURA, CEO, M&K Consulting Co., Ltd

Masato UCHINO, Certified Public Accountant

Chief Technical Officer:

Fumito ITO, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Shimane University

Chief Knowledge Officer:
Ory YOSHIFUJI, Co-founder & CEO, Ory Laboratories Inc.

Management Team:
Full-time staff: 3 members
Part-time staff: 2 members

WheeLog aims to provide barrier-free information for people with disabilities, the elderly, stroller users, and others who have mobility difficulties, and promotes understanding of barrier-free issues in society as a whole.

Business Activities:
(1) Providing information on barrier-free accessibility
(2) Research and study on barrier-free accessibility
(3) Planning and operation of barrier-free field trip events
(4) Planning, development and sales of original products
(5) Other businesses necessary to achieve the objectives of the association

4F Kudanzaka Park BLDG, 1-15-2, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 102-0073

Phone Number:
+81 (0)50-5437-0791

E-mail address: