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2022 in Brief

2) Accessible Information Dissemination

Mobile Application Development

In this year’s development, we focused on two main aspects: (1) make it easier to find locations on the map and (2) enhance communication among users. Additionally, we fixed minor bugs and made sure the compatibility with the latest operating systems.

Utilization of Application Data – May 2022

By collaboration with All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd, General Incorporated Association WheeLog, Zenrin Co. Ltd., and Zenrin DataCom Co., Ltd. the accuracy of route was improved by matching the wheelchair mobility history and the map data.

Fall App Development Meeting – September 2022

In September, we visited NanoConnect, Inc. in Kobe, Japan to discuss the upcoming fall development of the application and its future direction.

App development meeting – October 2022

In October, weekly meetings were held with NanoConnect to repeatedly discuss detailed requirements for the renovation.

User Test – December 2022

WheeLog! Supporters used the application during its development and provided feedback on its usability and areas for improvement. Volunteer translators also cooperated with the project.

App Update – January 2023

In January, we released the latest version (ver. 3.3.0) of the application with new features, bug fixes, and support for the latest OS. Subsequently, ver. 3.3.1 was released with minor corrections.

Accessibility survey

We, as WheeLog!, conducted our own accessibility survey and on-site visit of Osaka Castle and the city of Los Angeles, in the United States. In addition, we were requested by JTB, Tokyo Metropolitan Parks Association, and Ikebukuro Sunshine City to conduct research and review.

Osaka Castle Survey – April 2022

Osaka Castle Park, a vast site of over 100 hectares, was surveyed for practical training of the secretariat. The surveyed data is posted on the application.

Visits and Surveys in Los Angeles, U.S.A. – August 2022

Visited Los Angeles, U.S.A., to conduct an on-site visit and survey of the accessibility condition of local concert halls, stadiums, and other tourist attractions. 

Barrier-Free Survey of Public Parks in Tokyo – February 2023

At the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Parks Association, we conducted a barrier-free survey in 5 parks in Tokyo in order to improve accessibility of the environments. The survey was conducted with the cooperation of wheelchair users.

Barrier-Free Audit of Accommodation Facilities – February 2023

At the request of JTB Corporation, we were in charge of barrier-free audits for a project subsidized by the Japan Tourism Agency. We reviewed and provided advice to accommodation facilities from the perspective of a wheelchair user.

Ikebukuro Sunshine City Barrier-Free Survey – February 2023

An additional survey of stores and other facilities was conducted as an addition to the barrier-free survey conducted in 2020. 

Integration of the Barrier-free information of Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 

514 barrier-free information in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture with photos are stored in the WheeLog!


WheeLog! -User generated Barrier-free Map App

On the App, Barrier-free information based on user experiences, such as actual routes taken by wheelchair users and facilities they have used themselves, are shared. Barrier-free information from Japan and around the world can be viewed on the free App or on the web.

WheeLog in Educational Field!

International University of Health and Welfare 
Odawara College of Health Sciences, Department of Occupational Therapy

For the past five years, university faculty have been working with WheeLog! For more details on the initiative, please scan the QR code.

Published in high school home economics textbooks

WheeLog! was featured in two high school home economics textbooks.


High School home economics fundamentals

(Publisher: Kyoiku Tosho)


Home Economics fundamentals

(Publisher: Jikkyo Shuppan)

App user’s Reviews

“I’m really happy to share about the places I’ve been to or can go to, knowing that it can help someone.”

Wheelchair user
Ms. Hiromi Ikeda