BMW財団-MIT Solveのワークショップで登壇

BMW財団とMIT Solveが開催した BMW Foundation Mobility for Human Development のシンポジウムで、代表の織田が登壇しました。



No need to apologise Yuriko. Presentation is going fantastically well. Blessed to have you here and share your insights with us. Love the product and your story.

Indeed! Great presentation and more importantly: Great Solution, Yuriko!!

I have read Wheelog ideas and journey in MIT SOLVE! Can’t imagine that I can get direct insight and presentation from you. Thank you!

Thank you so much Yuriko! Wonderful presentation, story and mission!

Truly inspiring Yuriko. Thanks for sharing your journey & insights.

Excellent presentation, Yuriko. Very insightful

Great work Yuriko and team!

great presentation! very interesting idea.

Thanks again Yuriko, love how the solution is tied in to personal story telling, and solving a problem from a first hand experience.